ABM Creditz Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 171/2017
MLSG rating: 2.3 (16 reviews)
Address: 1 Park Road, #01-12 People's Park Complex, Singapore 059108
Phone: +65 6737 3392

Last updated on: December 20, 2017

ABM Creditz is a licensed moneylender in Singapore. They offer personal, foreigner and salary (payday) loans.

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ABM Creditz
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by Mohammad Fauzi on ABM Creditz
Bad debt collector

I was late for 2 days, I am willing to pay the late fee, however the debt collector threatened me. Very bad service!

by Mr Yap on ABM Creditz
Debt collector was like a hooligan

The service was ok, however, when the due date arrived, the debt collector, Sam, began harassing me. I only owe them a few hundred dollars, why does he need to talk like hooligan?

by Chris Teo on ABM Creditz
Terrible collector

The debt collector, Sam, is very rude. He uses many vulgarities.

by Ken on ABM Creditz
Like ah long

I was late for payment and they spoke like an ah long using bad words. I was asking for a debt restructuring schedule approved by the Ministry of Law. They claimed that they do not comply with the law. se extra careful of Sam in AMB credit who is an in-house debt collector. He is very rude and cannot understand simple English, he's basically a gangster and hooligan.

by Johnson Ng on ABM Creditz
Great services

Trusted licensed lender.

by Fearghal Meehan on ABM Creditz

Very professional service when I approached for a loan for emergency reasons. I had an issue and was a few days late with my repayment which i made in full 3 weeks later. Sam was very good to deal with. Only issue is constant calls since asking me to purchase another loan. Do not appreciate this.

by Benson on ABM Creditz

Only provide weekly loans. Once late payment and they will charge you a late fees. Totally bloodsucker. Other lenders still might give chance. Highly not recommended for this!

by Samantha on ABM Creditz

Applied for loan yesterday at ABM, was a fast and fuzz free experience and had a really friendly and understanding loan officer.

by Mary on ABM Creditz

Hi, I applied for a loan at Abm Creditz in Nov. I was approved and got the cash in my account in a couple of days. Their rates are good and I am happy with the service. Good services and well customer oriented when they contacted for my due. Thanks Sam.

by sky on ABM Creditz

I went to borrow from abm creditz , was unable to return due to late payment, so my frenz send cheuqe to their company, den tis person call sam or watever his name, from hp number 90182808. Call mi n shouting at mi sayin y send by cheque. I own dem money cant return that y my friend help mi by returnin dem by cheuqe, bt the person started to show his gangster style out by shouting n started scoldin my father & mother. What kind of services is this. I feel bad that keep delay u guys payment bt there is no right to start scolding my father mother all.. U guys are licenced money lender nt un licenced money lender....

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