AP Credit Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 51/2017
MLSG rating: 2.9 (16 reviews)
Address: 10 Anson Road, #01-38A International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Phone: +65 6533 5335

Last updated on: October 25, 2017

AP Credit is a legally licensed moneylender in Singapore, a group of professionals that provides loans to tailor to all your needs.

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AP Credit
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by Wati on AP Credit
Great help

I was attended to by Sharleen over the phone who helped me get an appointment. Thereafter, my loan was processed by Joshua, an amazing loan officer I must say. Smooth efficient and clearly explained to me the repayment plan. Not much hassle. The whole process took less than one hour. Most importantly, AP Credit helped me when no one else was willing. Thank you so much!

by Isz on AP Credit
Good lender

I had some bills that needed to be settle. I went to AP credit and took a personal after getting a recommendation from a friend. Great service and they told me every single thing I needed to know in detail. Recommended, will come again if needed.

by Kevin Yim on AP Credit
Very trustworhty

Borrowing money is simple. Borrow and return and you build trust. AP credit has provided me a temporary cash flow assistance for the past few months and provided me with good customer service. I will say that they are one of the best moneylenders in Singapore.

by Zeelia on AP Credit
Good lender

Took up a personal loan with them due to some short cash flow for my personal usage, was swift with the explanation of repayment and terms and condition for my contract, will definitely introduce my friends if they ever need.

by Lovelle on AP Credit
Best credit company

Went to took loan with them recently, they are kind to remind me make payment on due date sometimes to make me not overdue for payment. Unlike other moneylender who don't remind and just wait to collect overdue payment. Staff is nice and patient, will be back again definitely.

by Mohd Salim on AP Credit

I have been their customer for quite awhile, they always help me when I have many outstanding loans, even when I got blacklisted they still tried to understand my situation and issue a small loan for me. Thumbs up girls!

by Worried Customer on AP Credit
Worst moneylender

My salary was delayed for a day, requested for one day grace, their debt collectors talk like loan sharks, threaten to visit my house, call my boss. Think twice before you visit them. Worst moneylender.

by Aangel on AP Credit
The worst credit company

Have a loan of 800 with them. I made two repayments thinking can reloan which all the other credit companies can. But no they say have to make
4 payments then can. I make it to four they change the story again. Said my account isn't one month old cannot, need full payment.

When i got enough go down ask can reloan the next working day they say can. When I go down they say no too many loans. Waste of time. I would not have made the full payment if they had told me. Don't take a loan from them unless you are willing to take the risk of cant reloan and information not clear.

by J on AP Credit
Very lousy money lender, loan sharks

Please to all borrowers, don't borrow to this money lender, because they're loan shark, the officer is not good all lousy. Waiting time is very long. They will only give weekly loan even if you already loan to them for how many times still give you weekly loan. Please don't loan to this money lender find a better one. Don't recommend this to any of my friends.

by Eddy on AP Credit
Credit 21

Saw comments on Credit 21. Saying that they are gangsters. But make it clear, make sure you can pay what you borrow but not asking for lenience when you can't pay. They are a helpful bunch of staffs working. So if you show attitude, expect them to show you the same.

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One Reply to “AP Credit Moneylender Reviews”

  • Tried once, will never go again. They called up the contact number given and even work place just
    to confirm the information given is correct and causes many problem for me. Got the feel of being
    cheated to go up for the loan. And when I told that I don’t want to loan anymore, refused to let me
    go off. Bad bad bad service.

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