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Credit 21 is a legal moneylender in Singapore and its customer satisfaction ratings are very high, both of which are things to be on the look-out for with a good moneylender. Your personal information will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality, and its interest rates and repayment plans are negotiable to tailor a solution best fitting to your needs.

Last updated on: June 1, 2014

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 36 reviews
by Amanda on Credit 21 Pte Ltd

The staff seemed really friendly over the phone. I waited for an additional 40 minutes beyond my appointment time. I was naive to not have done my homework and so blindly signed the agreement. Cash was received on the same day. They took 10% up front and technically 4% interest on the loan amount. However, the late payment fee is incurred even if pay by the 2nd of the month. The staff explained the monthly payment amount to me. After taking the loan I realized that the amount I was required to pay and the interest did not tally. Payment was fuss free though, bank transfer was allowed. When asked for an extension of a day no replies were given. Borrow at your own risk.

Acts like ah long

First time I had urgent matters to settle so after much thought and consideration. I went to search online for personal loans companies. I found out about Credit 21. I double checked whether they are really licensed Moneylenders approved by the Singapore government since some companies are blacklisted and later they rename themselves and change locations.Even though this company is licensed, their debt collectors are rude, threatening and generally behave like ah longs.


This was the first time, I took money from a moneylender. Being new and naive, I approached Credit 21 based on the "good" reviews in internet. I took a 5 installment loan. This is what i have to pay back every month: installment plus interest, plus late payment of $60 every month. The lady in the office mentioned I have to pay late payment fee every month because the loan is actually meant to be paid back in one month but since I cannot pay back in one month they have to charge late fees. I asked is this normal and the lady said yes. The next day, I went to another moneylender in Jurong West. I went to another lender because the amount given was not enough so I took a second, smaller amount. The guy who served me offered me 3 monthly installments. With the second lender this is no late fee, I am only charged a late fee if I miss the deadline.With this new information, I called the lady at Credit 21 and asked her why the office charging me late fees when the installments are not late. Credit 21 replied, "You signed the agreement and you have so you have to to follow it. This is what our office is charging. If you are not happy you can speak with the boss or pay back the entire sum in one month." Don't support this company, let them survive by eating their words. I will never recommend Credit 21 to anyone.

by Bernard Wang on Credit 21 Pte Ltd
Flexible repayment plan

Great staff and service, also willing to work on a repayment plan to solve my financial needs. Thank you!

by Medanie on Credit 21 Pte Ltd

One of the few moneylenders that offer large loans.

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