Credit 88 Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 65/2014
MLSG rating: 2.8 (4 reviews)
Address: 131 Jurong Gateway Road #01-263, Singapore 600131
Phone: +65 6296 8688

Last updated on: October 30, 2012

LICENSE REVOKED! Credit 88 is a licensed moneylender for Singapore and specialize in bad credit loans. They offer also standard personal and foreigner loans, as well as business loans.

Credit 88
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Corey on Credit 88

This money lender company interest is sky high!!! Despite me being a regular they refuse to lower down their interest!! And the payment method they use is so inflexible!!! if you are new must WEEKLY!!! only after a few rounds of borrowing and you prove you can do payment on time then you can change to BI-WEEKLY with still HIGH INTEREST!! And the late payment fee is high. Pay one day late just because my pay came in late they charge me extra 70 dollars!! and not to mention this big lady who will be rude to you if you are one or two days late. my advise is don't loan from them!!

by sham on Credit 88

Please beware of this moneylender.. same boss with credit89. When there to take loan of 400 and on paper will be 100 per week and within the next 7 days if im able to pay full amount of 400 it will be cleared. Knowing borrowers wont have enough to repay in full. On the 7 day i called to make full payment and the lady says no. There is no such thing as free lunch. Then told that was written on paper and say not happy we can find you.. i was shock by the tone and words she use. Search the net to find direction to complaint and finally lead me to IPTO. When down to IPTO and filed a report. Please becareful with this two moneylender. And thier dept colletors are the same as illegal money lender

by Fat Tan on Credit 88

I would recommend this lender when you indeed of cash. Just a call and enquire then make a trip down will do. They do check your financial background but no issue at all. Repayment can be arranged in 6 month times. What's more is payday loan for people like me always on cash flow tight situation.

by John on Credit 88

I was in need of 1k, i called them up and inform them that i would prefer monthly repayment scheme rather then weekly or bi weekly as my pay only comes in on monthly basis. I was told i could clear at any month with just the interest that was very fair enough. I used to take up with others and they told me i have to complete a 5 months payment and no early repayment. I would really recommend their monthly repayment scheme. Thumbs up !