Credit Excel Capital Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 118/2017
MLSG rating: 3.1 (23 reviews)
Address: 192 Waterloo Street, #05-04 Sky Line Building, Singapore 187966
Phone: +65 6337 0055
Working Hours: Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm, Sat: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Last updated on: October 4, 2017

Credit Excel Capital (FKA: Credit Excel) provides funding for business ventures, payday loans and other fast, streamlined, affordable financial solutions you can grow with. Credit Excel Capital is a licensed moneylender in Singapore.

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Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd
Average rating:  
 23 reviews
by Diana on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd
Pretty reliable

I have been one of their customers for about a year. During this period, I visited Credit Excel several times. They always explained the loan in detail and worked out a comfortable repayment plan. In general, a fantastic experience.

by Rlene on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd

Been a customer for more than a year, I'm glad they are the first company I approached for loan. I don't feel scared and they helped me a lot of times. Never had any problems because I always pay on time and I know my responsibility in paying.

by Jenny Lim on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd
The worst lender

Made uninformed deductions from my account when verbal agreement is made not to do so without any heads up. Have been very defensive in their explanation. Worst money lender encountered! Patronize at your own risk!

by Fairuz on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd
Good Moneylender

Praise them for friendly service been helping wt my loans no doubts I had other money leanders to clear. They will help me as much as they can. Fully recommended n always pay on time.

by Kevin on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd
Reliable Moneylender

Its funny that I have read some really negative reviews about Credit Excel Capital. I have been their customers since 2011. I have also recommend many friends to them as they have been one of the most reliable moneylenders in the market. Friendly environment and staff whenever you go up to their office for loans. Even if your salary were delayed they are more than willing to give you a day or two or longer as long as you can provide evidence of delay.

Unlike what these negative reviews mentioned, their collections officers are all friendly and polite. If you have been their customers, you will know that their loan and collections officers are all ladies. That's why all these negative reviews about the vulgarities are all lies, most likely by jealous competitors or rejected customers, which are extremely entertaining and amusing.

by Hunt on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd
Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd

If you are really in trouble, don't ever take loan from this company. Even you are preapred to loss everything or preapre to die.

I had borrow from other moneylender before getting loan from this company. I have to agree with a few victim here. When I first got to know this company and went up, they really treat me like GOD. Promise almost everything they can do. Like reduce the interest on my next loan, can help me if I am really in financial problem, etc.

The moment I cannot return them what they want, the real face come out from them. Call and text you almost every 5 to 15 mins. Threaten to go up to your company to look for you, threaten to go up to your house (They really came up to my house), etc. In fact, they are wosrt then loanshark just because they have the license to loan. A part from all this harressment, the interest is so scary. The last payment interest is total amount + late payment fee + around $1.5k interest. My principal is less than $4k and have returned them at least half before I run out of money. Less than 4 months, the whole sum went up to $10k plus. Now I got a letter issued to me from the court as I am not able to pay them.

There is no cap and they will not give you face if are not able to pay them. Just a word, when you go to them, they treat you like GOD.. but if they come to you after the loan is taken, they are GOD.

by nit on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd

pls dont ever borrow from this company they are the most greedy idiots that u will ever meet in ur life!!! Demons!! loan sharks

by Alvin on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd

One of the best interest rate & monthly repayment Moneylenders in Town .

Professional & trustworthy lender you can borrow from.

by Gary Phua on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd

Prior to taking a loan with them, they provided a good service, patients and impression of very understanding. Everything went well from signing up to receiving money. However things took a turn for the worse when it came to repayment. As i was behind my payment for 1 day, i received call from them. I explained my situation and propose to make payment in two days time. Immediately his tone changed and vulagrity spells out from his mouth, include asking me "mai gei siao" trying to find excuses. Well without fighting back, i immediately hanged the phone and made full repayment next day. I know i delayed the payment but either they are lacking of after sales services or who they truly are. My first and only last time with this wolfielenders.

by Fat Tan on Credit Excel Capital Pte Ltd

As I have took up loan with them for many times therefore find their service is quite ok! Only when I know Credit 88 can charged at 25% int rate then realized that Excel Cr Capital is not offering the most lowest interest rate in town as what they've claimed for...Excel Cr is not same as Excel Cr Capital as their staffs mentioned but RTG Cr (first time to take with them) is seem related as I have met the same staff appeared but they said I see wrongly ...funny! Anyway for us as a borrower just wanted money with low rates, and fast approval, the rest can be bothered!

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