Ex-bank officer sentenced to jail time for sharing customer data with shark

Koh Chee Tong, an ex-UOB bank officer, improperly shared customer data with an illegal moneylender known as “Ah King.” Apparently Koh was pressured by the loan shark to share UOB customer details over an unsettled $16,000 gambling debt he had previously incurred.

“Ah King” offered to extend Koh’s repayment period in exchange for names, NRIC numbers and telephone numbers from UOB’s customer database.

In late 2013 Koh illegally used his staff identification number and password to access UOB’s computer systems to retrieve the data. “Ah King” then used the stolen data to expand his customer base.

Koh pled guilty to four charges under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act and was sentenced to twelve weeks in Jail.

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