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Licence No: 138/2017
MLSG rating: 2.5 (15 reviews)
Address: 101 Yishun Avenue 5, #01-39, Singapore 760101
Phone: +65 6224 4746

Last updated on: October 25, 2017

Fast Money is a licensed money lender in Singapore. Fast Money provide loans to Singaporeans, permanent residents (PR) and foreigners in Singapore with financial problems.

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Fast Money Pte Ltd
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by PC on Fast Money Pte Ltd
Efficient service, friendly staff

Good professional service provided and the staff is friendly and efficient!

by Roy on Fast Money Pte Ltd
Professional service

Good and friendly staff. They gave me advice and provided me with the financial help I needed.

by Eric on Fast Money Pte Ltd

Very good service.

by ZM on Fast Money Pte Ltd
Friendly professional staff

I took out a loan with Fast Money a few times. Their staff is friendly and professional. They did help a lot with my financial difficulties during that period of time.

by Chris on Fast Money Pte Ltd
Not even worth any star

Such a lousy moneylender company, I wonder how they got the license. Warning to all people, do not even try think of going to this terrible company, you will definitely regret it because they will use loopholes to disturb you and try to ask for money three years after you already cleared your loan.

by Nor on Fast Money Pte Ltd
Worst of the lot

This company doesnt even deserve one star! Extremely unprofessional staff, default one payment and you will see the other side of them. The lady officer will only shout at you and wont care about your situation. Please blacklist this company!

by Chubs Cheek on Fast Money Pte Ltd
Worst moneylender

Be careful before you even think of walking into this company. A staff, the skinny girl/boy called me to remind me on payment day. I told it slipped my mind and I'm working and would try my very best to come down on that day or will come down latest by the next day. She started shouting on the phone, which I don't even know why! Yes I took a loan there but im still a paying customer and has never defaulted my payments with them. She scolded me with vulgarities and hung. Then the "fat" so called manager called me back and started giving me the bloody attitude on the phone. Worst part is I came down to the office and wanted to pay Bbut they refused my payment and sent a debt collecter 2 hrs later to my house and the next day sent people to my office. You refused payment then sent your debt collectors down? Think twice before you sign a loan with them otherwise they'll just try to make things difficult for you. Oh yea they hiked up the intrest as well. Waiting for the law to deal with them for unfair practices!

by ah kok on Fast Money Pte Ltd

Bad attitude, keep forcing me to re loan, interest is so high as high as 50% compare to outside market. Dear fellows friend, please do not go to this company ( fast money pte ltd ) which located at yishun and Chinatown. Their debt collector is worst, go up to my place, scold my grandparents and ask my grandma to jump from my unit if I don't pay the interest. Who is going to pay, when the interest is so much higher, I might as well borrowed from ah long.

by That Fat Lady Fucker on Fast Money Pte Ltd

I copy another review which 100% same:

My experience with Fast Money (yishun)

Interest : 35% plus maybe lesser if you r frequent visitors

One Day Late Fee : 60%

Worst Part : That FAT LADY (I hate to see her again in the world)

Process : average attitude and u might not get the type of loan (weekly/monthly) or loan amount u r applying for. After filling form the staff will ask u to go walk around as they conduct their screening. After done, they will ask u to come back and offer u the package they decided.

My advice : I previously have taken up loans with different licensed moneylenders before and my advice to u who are reading this is DO NOT TAKE UP LOAN WITH THESE MONEYLENDERS!! I have an income of $4k per month with no car and family to feed. Even so I find it hard to cope when I have loans for 2 companies at one time. My solution to you is go borrow from family or friend and return them back monthly rather than paying loan plus sky high interest and deferment fees! I am taking time and effort to write this review because I do not want any of u to end up like me

by Anonymous on Fast Money Pte Ltd

"FAST MONEY" (YISHUN) worst lender I came across. Especially that fat lady, very rude to customer. If customer default payments she will tell customers don't need to pay and hanged phone ,no chance given. No different with loan shark. Warning to all,DO NOT TRY BORROW FROM FAST MONEY (YISHUN)

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