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Licence No: 54/2017
MLSG rating: 2.2 (23 reviews)
Address: 441A Clementi Avenue 3, #01-01 Clementi Towers, Singapore 121441
Phone: +65 6333 4122

Last updated on: May 28, 2012

G Credit specialize in providing loans to individuals, foreigners, large and small enterprises.

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G Credit
Average rating:  
 23 reviews
by Xiao on G Credit

G credit was the company I keep going back n took loan from this company. Loan officer Mike is a person willing to listen our problems and help to solve them. I have a bad history and bad debt but they were still willing to help me out and I'm very thankful for that. Thanks a lot G Credit.

by Alex on G Credit

This company operates like ah long. Once you borrow they will pass your contact to others and all keep falling for loan. When the debt collector sees police he runs. I think they are doing illegal stuff. Think twice before you go in, they are super rude!

by Iza on G Credit

My loan officer was Sky. They seemed pretty understanding when I explained to them that I am not feeling well. Even the collector Mr Jason was okay too. Overall not a bad service. Importantly they listen. Unlike some other moneylenders.

by Liza on G Credit
Not bad

My loan officer was Sky. Not a bad service overall.

by Sujatha on G Credit

Been cheated by the guy Dick hp number XXXXXXXXX. Cheated our money asked to transfer $500, for loan $5000, but cheated. We call and message, that guy never answer. Very disappointed, he was from G Credit.

by Tommy Ong on G Credit
Non-professional money lender

I have take a loan from the company. How I get to know them is they call to me and agreed for $500 paying $100 for five week. And I have informed them my payment time is later by 7.30 and agreed by them. But on the four payment, I keep on asking form them their bank account for my payment, but the person keep on tell me their bank account not clear yet. Till 3 minute before 7pm then sent me their bank account. And ask me to pay double for late payment. I not agreed and said if I dont pay they will do something to my house. Last week I pay the 5th and tell him this is the last payment. He not reply and today still want me to pay and said I want clear loan must pay $500 if I dont pay he will come my house. I think and advise from other I should log in police rrport. I have all their bank accounts (from then or their associate) I think is good move.

by Abirame on G Credit

I received a call from this company. I was not happy and asked how they got my number and the guy had the cheek to say that I had enquired about a loan two weeks prior wch I definitely did not. When I pressed him for the details of when and how my so called enquiry was made he put down the phone. This company is very unethical. They guy was also extremely rude.

by Ronalyn Bal on G Credit

This is one of the few I called before taking up the loan. A bad commanded lady answered the phone and demanded for my personal details~fin number/passport no/hp no. I felt its not comfortable to give her and she refused to proceed further when I asked whether they do foreigner loan. if all customer service officer is this way, I dun think I wan to deal with them @ all. I also realised that those street directory of lenders in google are inter-link... I applied once on-line. afew others called me every now and then(JR credit/cash direct/ip credit/abi/symbolic).This is really uncalled for.

by Jean Lo on G Credit

G-Credit is one of the best money lenders I came across. Situated at the heart of Clementi, G-Credit's staffs are all friendly and helpful. Made me feel at ease and comfortable applying a personal loan with them. Would recommend my friends to them. I am glad I choose G-Credit

by kingsly on G Credit

Pls do not go and borrow money from money lender when they charge u interest when u unable to pay out , it will make your problems to be worth,only way to solve your problems just add me in facebook @kingsly wu ,just let me help u .

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