Gain Credit Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 176/2017
MLSG rating: 1.7 (21 reviews)
Address: 807 Yishun Ring Road #01-4197, Singapore 760807
Phone: +65 6438 0113

Last updated on: December 20, 2017

Gain Credit is a legal moneylender, providing loans to people from different social and business areas. They offer different loan packages which are designed to meet various needs that borrowers may have.

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Gain Credit
Average rating:  
 21 reviews
by Jacky Lim on Gain Credit
A. B. Kong

Dont go to this lender in Yishun. They are a bunch of blood suckers This guy A. B. kong if you try to explain something to him he will shout at you through phone, after a few hours he will ask his runner to visit your office and at night he will visit your house. He will scold your father and mother.

by John Chan on Gain Credit
Loan Shark Company

I got no choice to put a star. They don't deserve any star at all. There a this collector so call if you are late for one or two days. He will scold your family. Hope he see this and karma is go cry father cry mother. This collector really give you nightmare.

by Amos on Gain Credit
Very bad loan officer

This Loan officer name gary is the worst. When he explains to you the loan detail and give you a face like you are begging him to give you a loan and the attitude is so bad. When payment reach the way they chase you is like want you to go crazy and they are happy. They ridiculously add interest that are totally unreasonable at all. Please do not go to them as they will suck your money out even if you die they will stilll wanna squeeze you. Please go fb and search gain credit and you can find this officer, I hope the kids grow up and know what kind of father he is out to squeezing peoples hard earn money.

by Isaac Siva on Gain Credit
The Worse Credit Company

Please do not borrow from this company...They are tongue twisters n cheat you on your loan interests...They will add n add if you are late and all...Really regret taking from them...there are more better companies then them

by Mdm Han on Gain Credit

Stay away from Gain Credit! Even Im a regular customer they still think I want to play them out..I was one day late they still want to charge 1.1K!!! U believe dat?!!! Such exorbitant fee! I refused to pay the late fee, I lodged police report and complained them to IPTO. Stay with them so long but had to beg to give me discount on my loan interest, Heartless! ..Among the moneylenders I owe, I closed their acct first cos Im so disgusted with their service..Dont deserve A star!

by Goh on Gain Credit

Golden Credit collector hp 90548899 does not follow agreement.He will call and pester for payment which is not due and threaten to visit office and house.......

This company does not adhere to tie signed contract,i will report to IPTO.

by John on Gain Credit


I plead you, never ever go to this money lender, even if you are late, they wil charge you more than $1500 as late fee. I sufferred two times with this money lender. Please dont apporach this money lender.

by lim on Gain Credit

just hope IPTO can seriously look into this so-called credit company! the way they press for payment is by far the worst i ever encounter compare to other $ company, do not know how they manage to get their annual license renew? no different from ah long/gangster is ok just like others said when u enter they give u a look as if u had already own them 10 50k,those write good review here i do not know what benefits they gave u. pls do not go there u will regret for life!!!

by Fara on Gain Credit

Please spare yourself people, Gain Credit is the WORST bunch of wretched rude and despicable beings who think you are at their mercy just because you made an enquiry. Moneylenders-sg should get this company out of their list! They wouldn't stop harassing me on the phone and was so impossibly RUDE and condescending, even challenging me to make a police report if I dare when I asked them to STOP calling. I got their contact from this website, and I hope for the sake of everyone else who is looking for a RELIABLE moneylender that they remove this SICK company in their list! I'm just clicking on 1 star because I had To click on something, in actual fact they deserve less than dirt!

by michelle sanchez on Gain Credit

Gain Credit is really the worst money lender in singapore I ever found, please for everyone dont try to borrow this money lender, the people there look like ah gangster, those people said that Gain credit is a good place to borrow money for sure this just blaffing, youre workingbin that bitch moneylender

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