Get to know the new Moneylender’s Directory of Singapore

We’ve been working over the past couple of months to update the directory with many useful new features for borrowers. Below you can find a brief explanation of all the new features we’ve added.

  1. New adjusted rating algorithm: You may have noticed in the past that a moneylender with just one five star rating could outrank other lenders many reviews but just a slightly lower rating. To correct for this, we updated our rating algorithm to give more weight to trusted lenders with many positive reviews. We also changed the directory to sort lenders according to their new adjusted rating by default as well as to display the lender’s average rating. You can still sort lenders by number of reviews or alphabetically by clicking on the “name” and “number of reviews” buttons at the top of the page. Try out the new directory page now!
  2. Top 10 moneylenders: We created a new page that lists the current top 10 lenders in real time. You can view the current top 10 lenders here.
  3. Loan offers: We now have a new page that lists current active loan offers from licensed lenders. You can view the current offers here.
  4. Mobile optimizations: We have introduced a number of new optimizations to improve your experience on mobile devices. If you haven’t yet, try out the Moneylender’s Directory of Singapore on your smart phone or tablet!

As always, please choose wisely when selecting a lender and only borrow from legally licensed lenders. You can always find a complete and current list of licensed lenders here.