GT Credit Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 14/2018
MLSG rating: 1.8 (6 reviews)
Address: 178 Toa Payoh Central #01-202, Singapore 310178
Phone: +65 6742 8154

Last updated on: May 4, 2018

GT Credit is a licensed moneylender in Singapore.Personal Loan Officers are well trained and ready to assist you in your financial assessment. The loan process is fast and simple.

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GT Credit
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Sailuh on GT Credit

Borrow 1 short term loan, was surprise that they charge lesser when I pay back earlier than the repayment date, thank you.

by DD on GT Credit

One of the worst lot, they behave and talk exactly like LOAN SHARKS, its just because they are given the license. I think they should be banned or strike off, they are no different from those unlicensed. And I agree totally their debt collector can just barge in my office, and shouting at the top of his voice across the office, and this Jimmy. The way you talk, no professionalism at all. Even when you agreed payment is going to be made. Do you all have to shout at the top of your voice AKA Ah Beng/Ah Longs style?? Late payment over $200? Seriously unnecessary, there is no need to be harassing workplace.

by Yuro wong on GT Credit
Gt credit debt collector

Debt collector, Jay loves to called up workplace and threatened to send his man to my house and workplace when payment made was late for 3 days. Even after answering his phonecalls and explaining to him that i will pay on given date with late charge. making a big fuss over this issue for the amount of $180. Felt embarass getting colleagues negative comments and having to explaint the situation to my superior was seriously unnecessary if Jay could hv understand small issues over late payments and not harassing workplace and jeopardising others rice bowl.

by angely tan on GT Credit

Late payment for fews day everybody sure will face money problem but this collector name of johnny he dun understand he simply call and say how conform give a few more days and find $ he just say i dun care insterst he still add day by day is $75 per day but in the end he send his runner up shouting and put logo so i tell hm not only u have i also have not happy one to one talk than he say he want to call police say i put logo is he is the one who start first managment incharge please sack this johnny he not fit to be a collector

by Lee on GT Credit

took a $500 loan last mth , haven been ther for nearly 1 year+ and was surprise interest rates went down lol....used to be 30% last time but this time they oni charge me 26%, I paid up $630 in full after 1mth no problem for me as I always paid up few day b4 due date....

btw for 1st timer they oni offer weekly payment, 2nd time onward den they will allow u mthly payment....

by Kim Derrick on GT Credit

Went down to enquire for a loan, a young-looking 'ah lian' admin girl scanned thru my details & offered me a weekly loan of s$500 to be paid over 5wkly of s$150. I.e total s$750!(50%int rate)which i told them daylight robbery!! Aft i refused to take the loan, the guys in the office shouted vulgarities @ me challenging me that NO other lender is going to lend me&they are not some welfare charity. Please dun go to this credit @all...can I report to IPTO for such a incident?

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