Hup Hoe Credit Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 110/2017
MLSG rating: 1.7 (6 reviews)
Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, #01-01 Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504
Phone: +65 6396 9119

Last updated on: October 4, 2017

Hup Hoe Credit is the licensed Singapore moneylender that you can easily reach and provides easy, simple and fast loan process for all customers.

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Hup Hoe Credit Pte Ltd
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Roy on Hup Hoe Credit Pte Ltd
Took a big loan from them

Thank you for helping me tight over my business. When the bank wanted to sue me, I took a $100k loan from them, understanding boss. I would recommend, if you need big loan go to them . Reasonable interest. I have recommended a few friends to them, so far so good. New management.

by Alvin on Hup Hoe Credit Pte Ltd
Extremely Poor Service

Do not get fooled by the exterior marketing messages that are splashed across their shop. Non of the friendly and professional service. The service is extremely atrocious and the counter staff especially the female personnel there talk to customers as though people are begging them for money.

There are plenty of other more appreciative money lenders who help individuals who are in need. Money is all the same but the way the money is handed to you is different.

Please avoid Hup Hoe at all costs and go to a proper money lender who is able to service you like you are a human being.

by angely tan on Hup Hoe Credit Pte Ltd

Hup hoe credit services very bad infront tell u say no add insterst but once u are late for payment they still charge u interest they really is ah long blood sucker ailet please dun borrow $ from this moneylander

by angely tan on Hup Hoe Credit Pte Ltd

Just late payment for few day collector name of jason call up never talk nicely scold people all knid of backword yet he say if dun pay up will go up to unit so i igorene him course no $ how to talk still no point so jason really send his runner up to unit the way he talk very rude he start to say i dun care how much did u have die die or mati mati must pay up today or else beat u up even u call police i also not scared so he play gangster with me so i say i not going to pay up in the end my mum pay up for me at first say dun need to pay insterst but talk roti prata still collect insterst what kind of blood sucker is this managment of this moneylander please sack the runner course he is too much and talk rude

by ks on Hup Hoe Credit Pte Ltd

What is happening nowadays? being legal in the eye of government but in the ear of public this company , the people are REALLY RUDE!!!! come on,public seek help from your company for personal reasons that they have. No matter what , whoever owe must pay as accordingly but you don't have to haunt the other party as thou that party owe you $$$$ and raise you voice to them… you don't deserve a single star!!!!!! if you are so mad and angry, closed la your business do something else !!! its true u owe money u pay money..but no need to make the other party PISSED OFF….

by yong hong on Hup Hoe Credit Pte Ltd

try at your own risks, best advise is to stay away! had borrow and reloan from them even 10 times since their time in golden landmark, yet the collector still "greet your mother" in the phone just because of 1 or 2 day late payment... and full penalty charge is what they give to a regular customer. i am glad i had cleared even though keep calling to ask u down to reloan and i don't give them a damn!

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  • My friends reloan from this company all the way from her home bring her 2 years kid to reloan so sad for her she mention bed experience she use to take payday loan but the person in charge mention no more payday only by weekly that cost 600 interest of amount of 1k WTF. …

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