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MLSG rating: 2.5 / 5 (6 reviews)
131 Jurong Gateway Road #01-251, Singapore 600131
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LICENSE REVOKED! Established in 2015, JR Star Credit is the new baby in town. Despite being young in years, we are recognized as a fully licensed professional money lender based in Singapore. The moneylenders’ industry can assure you the credibility and reliability of our company.   What sets us apart is our pool of professional and friendly employees. The employees being the front lines of our company, we make sure that they undergo a strict, rigorous program. Their training ensures that they become well equipped with the right knowledge for the money lending industry.  So the next time you step into our store, rest assured our professionals will greet you and they are ready to answer all your queries.   Another unique factor about us is we allow the same day loan approval. Our professionals will walk you through the process, by asking you several questions and asking for specific requirements. Don’t worry, because there’s no catch. We are always dedicated to lending money to our customers at a very economical rate.   We make sure that our professionals can get your loans approved immediately. It can take as short as one hour, and you are guaranteed a process with minimum obstruction. Make sure to bring your requirements, to get your loan approved quickly. Borrow from us and receive a seamless process. Our fast approval ensures that you get your loan quickly, while still having the benefits of professionalism and safety.   Keep your mind at ease even if we have a fast loan approval program, everything you give us will be kept strictly confidential. We believe that privacy is vital and we recognize the importance of all the documents you submit to us.   Place your mind at ease, and we’ll handle everything you need. We place our top priority the establishment of a unique and personalized relationship between you and our professionals. These relationships can help us give you, what you need. Moreover, we believe that you should always be informed of our loans so you can continuously know about us.   Whatever type of loan you need, we are always ready for it. May it be to fund your education, business or house, we will still have it for you. Don’t worry about how big the loan may cost because what is essential for us is that you see your dreams into reality. Allow us to be your to-go-to lender in Singapore.   JR Star Credit is always equipped with a team of professionals, ready to answer all your needs. Start picking up that phone call us, and we’ll get you started with our professional! Our professionals will be right with you, from the start of your application and until it becomes approved.

Last updated on: May 1, 2018

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JR Star Credit (S) Pte Ltd
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 6 reviews
by Aiman on JR Star Credit (S) Pte Ltd
Stamping fees

It is true this company need to pay stamp fees?

by Aswini Rajamanikam on JR Star Credit (S) Pte Ltd
Stamping fees

Is it true that I have to pay stamp fees when my loan is approved?

by Zara on JR Star Credit (S) Pte Ltd

My loan also has approved and this company asking for stamping fees, is it true?

by Haslynda on JR Star Credit (S) Pte Ltd

My loan was approved by this company. I would like to know if this company really existed and has a branch in Johor. I would also like to know is it true that this company has a fee for stamping payments?

by Robert on JR Star Credit (S) Pte Ltd

They cheat me bad. Tell me interest rate low but not. Harass me for months, bother family. No good! Crooks!

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