Kairon Services Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 73/2017
MLSG rating: 4.6 (47 reviews)
Address: 111 North Bridge Road, #05-15A Peninsular Plaza, Singapore 179098
Phone: +65 6262 1813

Last updated on: February 20, 2018

Kairon Services is one of Singapore’s premiere money lending companies. The company was built on a solid foundation of trust and innovation. Their loan packages are geared towards assisting Singaporean residents, expatriates, and businesses.


Kairon Services prides itself as being the home of faithful, fair, and trustworthy money lenders. They aim to assist individuals that have been denied by traditional lenders, and they do this quickly and efficiently.


As one of the most respected and legal money lenders in the country, Kairon Services put a lot of effort into providing fast and dynamic services to their clients. The company is made up of a solid group of loan specialists who work hard to provide customized loan products for their clients. Their reliability, professionalism, and determination to help are the reasons why clients put their trust in Kairon Services.


Mission Statement


Kairon Services Licensed Singapore moneylender operates under the belief that customers deserve professional and superior financial services. To that end, the company has a core team of experts who endeavor to provide sterling loan support that a client can’t get from another company. The innovative minds of the Kairon team ensures that you get the perfect loan solution for your needs. Clients are assured of complete confidentiality. Customers are secure in the knowledge that their personal information will never be disclosed to any third party.


Products and Services


Kairon Services offers its customers several loan options – Payday Loan, Personal Loan, Bridging Loan, and Business Loan.


No matter how much we prepare, we’ll still be hit with unexpected expenses and a Payday Loan, or fast loan, might be the only way to respond. Kairon Services understand urgency, so they do their best to immediately give customers the cash they need.


Personal Loans are similar to Payday Loans. As the name implies, this loan is for those who suddenly find themselves requiring extra funds for personal reasons. This is a pretty straightforward loan and is easy to apply for.


Kairon Service also offers Bridging Loans for homeowners. This loan is designed to assist those who want to buy a new home or property but cannot wait for their current property to be sold. While other lending institutions also offer Bridging Loans, Kairon Services is the only one providing Residential Bridging Loans. The service allows one to take out a short-term loan with their current residence as collateral and with the funds from the loan being used to improve the property.


It’s hard running a business, but Kairon Services can help make it easier with their Business Loans. Now business owners can easily secure the funds they need to expand or improve their company.

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Kairon Services
Average rating:  
 47 reviews
by Seow on Kairon Services
Good services

Keith provides great service. Thank you for your taking care of me.

by Salim on Kairon Services
Quiet area

Keith is a nice loan officer that gave me advice again and again. I have finally gotten out of the debt trap all due to his advice. Thank you Keith

by Selva on Kairon Services
Discreet and private

Initially, I thought the area was very messy and crowded. I never expected the office would be so discreet and private. Keith is easy to work with.

by Theresa on Kairon Services

They really helped me in my time of need.

by Mr Lim on Kairon Services

Thanks to the previous customer reviews  found Kairon and got the loan I needed.

by Wy Toh on Kairon Services
Thank you

I have yet to find as good a loan officer as I found at Kairon. Good service, many thanks!

by Rammy on Kairon Services

My first time taking a loan from a licensed moneylender. I was very worried about the high interest but the outcome was better than my expectation. Very nice guy, he explained everything to me in detail. Thank you.

by Mahdi on Kairon Services
Great people

They explained to me what should I do when I need financial help. They advised me well. Nevertheless, I'm really glad Kairon approved me for the amount that I needed. Very nice people.

by Dave on Kairon Services
A different point of View

I was greeted warmly when I entered the office which was much to my surprise. The attitude and service throughout the whole process was very professional. It's hard to come find such a great attitude from a moneylender. If I have any friends who need financial help, I will recommend Kairon.

by Sammy on Kairon Services

I was actually very skeptical about moneylenders but after going through their review I tried to go to Kairon Services. Indeed it is like the previous reviews had mentioned. I really appreciate the help that you offered me, sincerely thank you.

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