KST Credit Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 166/2017
MLSG rating: 2.6 (13 reviews)
Address: 183 Toa Payoh Central #01-254, Singapore 310183
Phone: +65 6297 8990

Last updated on: December 20, 2017

KST Credit is a licensed moneylender registered under The Registry of Moneylenders. KST Credit offer personal bridge and business loans. The company philosophy is to provide a fast and convenient avenue for customers to secure cash to solve their immediate short term cash flow problem.

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KST Credit
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Summer on KST Credit

The only thing nice is their office. Their services and rates cannot make it.

by Jeslyn on KST Credit
Don't borrow

KST does not deserve to be in business! They are the worst kind of lender, worse than a loanshark! They look down on you when you apply for loan and make sarcastic remarks. They lend only $300 yet still charge 10%? They will not solve your problems and additionally will create more problems.

by Joan on KST Credit
Good service

Excellent service.

by Jean on KST Credit
Good service

Good services from their staff and Peter is a reasonable collector. I was late the previous time but Peter gave me a chance. I will introduce KST to my friends if they need a loan.

by Derrick on KST Credit
Highly recommended

Friendly, helpful and good rates. They helped me a lot with all of my difficulties. Thank you KST!

by RS Lee on KST Credit

Very good service and attractive interest rates. Will recommend others and go back if need a loan.

by Angely tan on KST Credit

Collector from kst name of peter his services is rude when custometer loan is due he never cal and talk to custmeter nicely say example sorry your due is up kindly pay up this peter no he call he play gangster he start scold people using backwords when people start scold him back or shoot back him he start say report to police say people play gangster with him he is the one who start first this type of collector cannot stay in this line must set him out

by BAM on KST Credit

Collector very rude. Always in high note (shouting) while talking to you. They go to your house and paste the demand letter at your door where everyone can see, and go to your office and not directly talk to you., but tell everything about you and your personal loan to your colleague. Be careful.late charges very very high

by Pan on KST Credit

Debt collector is Peter. I find him ok. Late payment twice, once for 3 days, once for a day but he wasn't rude. Open to allowance. But the interests for late charge is high. Late charge at $100 for a day, $30 dollars every additional day.

by Pan on KST Credit

I was my first time loaning from licensed moneylender. Was in need of money but 1 company can't loan all. I had to loan from 4 diff companies, in one day. All 4 under the weekly payment scheme. A week past and I have to pay my 1st instalment, total up to $680.

Firstly, I don't recall him telling me I can't do defer for new loan, so I thought different company different policy.

So out of the 4, I paid 1 in full and 3 defer. GT called me and tell me 1st payment can't defer but he let it go and let me defer.

KST didn't call me, just sent me a msg 'keep receipt' . I'm really feeling gratitude towards them.

Abi Chong called me around 6:40pm, informing me I can't defer, I did a little negotiation with him and he gave me an extension till the next day.

At that moment, my thoughts were, these moneylenders ain't as scary as I heard.

My nightmare came the next day, so suay to tio fever and I was very weak , I didn't manage to pay it during the day. At around 7:15pm, Abi Chong called, asking for payment, I told him I'm very weak but I would definitely do it by the end of the day. And his gangster tone came out, ask me not to act cute, says he don't like act cute. $70 has to be transferred by 8pm otherwise be ready to receive his man at my doorstep by at 9pm. And he hung up the phone.

So I dragged myself down to do the transfer and money was deposited around 7:50pm. Gave him a call and the only words he said was, send me a text.

Finally, when I thought I had cleared my loan with Abi, I received a text for payment from Abi a week later. I was shocked, called Chong and he said the 1st payment wasn't consider as a payment, it was a late payment. I argued with him, how could an extension be considered as a late payment? An extension is an extended due date to the actual date. It is not a late payment. And throughout our 3 phone conversations, the word late payment is not mentioned.

We argued for awhile and I was very pissed. Hung his phone and when straight down to the office at Toa Payoh immediately. He wasn't there, I called him and the within a few secs, phone was passed to another man, claiming to be the boss of ABI, by the name of Mr Chong.

Mr Chong denied all acts of Chong, the threats he made, the no claim of late payment. And of course, we are always the one who loses out, I didn't manage to claim my 1st payment.

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