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Licence No: 79/2016
MLSG rating: 2.1 (22 reviews)
Address: 1 Sophia Road, #01-15 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
Phone: +65 6336 4144

Last updated on: May 21, 2012

Since its start, Max Credit’s prime focus has been on personal loans. They offer emergency cash loans, fast cash personal loans, and home loans. Max Credit is committed to providing the best services so that their customers are 100% satisfied.

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Max Credit Pte Ltd
Average rating:  
 22 reviews
by Goh on Max Credit Pte Ltd
Bad Service

Idiotic staff. Call up for payment with ill manner. Didn't his parents teach him to be polite and courteous. Date not due and despite saying many months, still call before due date. Simply no father no mother child.

by Rina on Max Credit Pte Ltd
Beware of Max Credit

I took a loan for 300 dollars from max credit and end up 633 dollars for nothing and ask for payment like dog. The staff talk like ah bheng name Stanley very rude staff they talk like ah long. They are partner with along be careful guys they are connections with ah long beware.

by Glenn on Max Credit Pte Ltd

Customer service is below average, best advice is stay out of them.

by Nur Amirah on Max Credit Pte Ltd

Staff gals there very friendly and sweet. Thumbs up!

by William on Max Credit Pte Ltd

Took a payday loan from them and their interest rate is low. High recommended to others.

by Andy on Max Credit Pte Ltd
Good Serivce

The staff there provide good service and well explanation to the term of loan. maxcredit provide low interest rate than other moneylender.

by angely tan on Max Credit Pte Ltd

Custometer services very bad ask too many rubblish question and collector keep call ask when pay up yet people facing $ problem never understand people at all runner cum out keep saying dun care must pay up or else everyday cum up and disturb this kind of people too much no understand people worse than a ah long managment please take note

by JS on Max Credit Pte Ltd

Looks nice from outside, but all mostly Ah Lians working inside. Not sure why they even need so many people working there when the lot of them are all useless sit there shake leg gossip only. Anyway most legal lenders also kns same as Ah Long. My advice is to stay away or approach your family for help.

by siti on Max Credit Pte Ltd

alot of ahlians!dont know how to smile to customer.take own sweet time play handphone talk loudly!really poor service!hope this company close down

by Cat on Max Credit Pte Ltd

This money lender call Kenny say from max credit cheat people money say can loan me $12,000 ,but say must need guantor but I don'have I don't have ,then he ask me to bank in $1,000 to his account ,but later no reply from him ,cheated my money never get back to me ,didn't even bank in $12,000 for me ,just run away with my money

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