Money3 Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 23/2010
MLSG rating: 3.8 (20 reviews)
Address: 101 Upper Cross Street, #03-02 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058357
Phone: +65 6653 4900

Last updated on: May 21, 2012

LICENSE REVOKED! MONEY3 is a short term lender specialising in INSTANT CASH loans from $250. MONEY3 customizes affordable repayments that suit personal cash flows.

Average rating:  
 20 reviews
by corinna on Money3

early last month in Feb, I wanted to reloan but they told me they are have auditing and cannot loan or email to me. I remembered once when i took loan ,they told me the will be relocate to Orchard rd. but in thier webiste, it is still same venu... hmmm. its very strange.. then when my first time i took a loan, i was allowed to pay by installment. then when i wanted to take a reloan and a abit more amount, they told me i have to repay full an cos they are relocation???? this is not right.. At first the guy who attend to me are very nice and poliet.. then i was recommend to go to money express. there i had to also repay full amount... then this is not a loan, cos u had to repay full and then u again have to reloan... this neverending.... anyone has this problem with money lenders?? another thing

, i been receiving not stop sms from different money lenders...

by Sean on Money3

Guy, if there anyone of you have a way to contact Money3 please give me a reply. Because they are deducted extra money from my account although I already fully pay off my existing loan. Went down to their office but it was closed all the time and also can't call their office. Hope you the kind of you can help me with their contact number thank.

by Shirley Woo on Money3

Something change with this guys. Nobody answer phone, office not open all the time and new staff not good anymore. I used to borrow there but I no borrow anymore with new staff.

by Vinc toh on Money3

I have reloan a few time with them, it's bcos of their lowest rate in town.

by Alan Tan on Money3

I went to them to ask about a loan, but left because the staff were very rude and the interest rates were too high. However, they kept sending me SMS and email to ask me to borrow from them! Irritating bloodsuckers.

by peng on Money3

i am very satisfied with their service, got my loan approved fast. got some problem in cash flow and late repayment for 3 days, no charge me, very considerate.

by Missy Emy on Money3

I needed cash so i applied online and good thing Money3 staff quickly respond to any inquiries I have. The staff are all professional and polite,they really explain and show how much the interest and payment scheme in monthly basis which is I find it also in lowest rate. No hassle in payment because they deduct from your atm card, make sure you have money on it. 🙂 thanks for helping!

by elvin on Money3

I applied online and went down to their office for document verification. Within 1 to 2 hour i received sms saying my loan is approved! Thank you money3 for the help.. interest rate is low and they dont look like illegal moneylender unlike some others..

Thumbs up!

by Alex Kuan on Money3

Money3 staff was very polite when explaining the terms of the loan and the documents that I need to provide and they were very fast in processing my application. Thanks.

by Dani on Money3

I needed cash last month and went to 3-4 money lenders. Money3 were the last I visited - they were very polite, explained the terms and the costs and I calculated that here would be the cheapest loan I can get. After I provided the docs, the money were in my account within 2 hours or so. Very fast and professional service.

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