Outer Trust Credit Services Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 124/2017
MLSG rating: 1.0 (11 reviews)
Address: 135 Jurong Gateway Road #01-323, Singapore 600135
Phone: +65 6292 0119

Last updated on: October 4, 2017

Outer Trust Credit Services is a licensed Money lender for Singapore, offering personal loans, low income and bad credit loans as well as short term loans.

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Outer Trust Credit Services
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Bert on Outer Trust Credit Services
Bad service and act like a gangster

Highly not recommended and MUST AVOID taking loan from this moneylender. They talked like they owe you money even though you are still applying. And that William guy is so arrogant, when I specifically told that I did not receive SMS to remind for the payment due and he told me arrogantly that 'what so special about me that I did not receive the SMS and others receive it'. So arrogant...And the guy in the counter needs to be trained to handle customers in a right way. As an advise, don't take loan from this company.

by Zrn on Outer Trust Credit Services
very poor customer relationship

Long story short, for those who wish to take a loan from Outer Trust Credit, as much as you can, avoid them. Go to other better loan service.
My story won't make much difference, but take my advice - don't take a loan from them. Trust me. It's a nightmare company.

by Sofea on Outer Trust Credit Services
Poor service

When I applied for a loan and they took a picture of me, I was scared so I ran away.

by Ken on Outer Trust Credit Services
Terrible service

Service is terrible. They keep calling you call you non stop if you are late on your payment. They go to your place and watch you. They try to give body language to show you.

by J on Outer Trust Credit Services

To all people that want to borrow money from this licensed moneylender. Please think twice first! As the are just another licensed ah long, if really need money just borrow from friends or family member rather than going to a licensed moneylender because if you can't pay up on time, late payment and interest will be included and you will receive a lot of calls from the collectors. I have settled my payment and will not return to any of the licensed moneylenders.

by H on Outer Trust Credit Services
Worst ever

Well,Ii borrowed money from them due to insufficient money back then. And I am still unable to pay them off the full amount to my financial status. And the best part is that, I have been paying the interest for almost 3 years and they did not waive it off. And i come across an article from the ministry of law. They said that the borrower should not be paying interest fee for more than 1 year. I have report to the ministry of law regarding this. And they are still looking into the matter. I will never ever borrow from them again. As I have been to some other places and they seem to be more nicer and even told us that it will be good if we could clear off the debts ASAP. And they even suggest to pay monthly at a certain amount to clear our debts with them. This Outer Trust, no system. Like an loanshark. No star at all.

by Wendy on Outer Trust Credit Services

Basically the front line ladies need a good customer service qualities. I'm not sure if the big boss of this company is aware of this. Well... This is my story... I was waiting to apply for a loan and sat on the couch. One lady asked me why im here and i told her that i wanna apply for a loan. She told me to fill up the application form in a boh chup voice (not keen tone). I took the form and started to write. I remembered this very well. A Chinese ah pei was at one of the counter. He was embarassed so badly because he failed to pay the amount and late by 3 days. His conversation than relatively was he already spoke to a guy named William. He already informed him but that woman on a right (only 2 counter) started to talk so loudly and each and everyone can hear that.

Then my turn! She called me as if i'm a dog!  "Come, sit here!", in a dominating voice. I sat and I asked her why she called me like that. Her reply was because she does not know my name and there isn't a tattoo on my forehead exposing my name. That was really a rude sentence and a can't be bothered voice. I immediately walked off and just snatched my IC from her and tore my application form infront of her. End up i did not apply any loan. But their impression very very bad. I'm not here to preach about an individual's attittude... But the first impressions counts! If you don't believe me please try. And I think the main boss should be aware of his staff. Thanks everyone!

by Sharon on Outer Trust Credit Services
Bad service

Really had a bad experience with this company. Extremely rude and they speak as though i previously owe them money. Especially the pregnant Chinese lady... very bad attitude. They need some trainings about how to talk to their clients. After my loan was confirmed, I have sign several pages. That Chinese pregnant lady explained to me about the terms and conditions so fast and I was unable to catch up. She just pointed her finger here and there on the paper for me to sign. I asked her where am I to sign because I lost track. She was so rude and she replied me " SIGN ON YOUR HEAD"!! I was so angry. Another incident was a guy named William called me to remind me about my payment which was due the next day. Alamak. He really sounds like an unlicensed money lender. Excuse me, I didnt run away from you. But how could he talk a client to remind about his payment!! Seriously, please dont borrow from them.

by Guangmingzhengda on Outer Trust Credit Services

Don't even deserve a single star. Employees speak like ah lians and bengs when stepped into the office. Use fear mongering language. Wanted to negotiate for lower repayment amount before due date, a guy name William has bad attitude. Doesn't showed up in the office face to face just communicate with people through phone. Called him up to notify already settled payment, doesn't pick up the calls. Putting it simply the company is just a licensed company run by ah longs. Worse attitude ever to be a legalised firm. Be cautious everyone.

by kaer on Outer Trust Credit Services

So far this is the worst money lender that I seem. They don't give face to you at all. We working hard but they keep pestering about payment. I work night shift and sometime end work late about 1-2am and went home sleep and off to work till at time I overlook the payment. This guy, William will non stop calling you and if he cant reach you, he will call your company, family members etc and tellimg them that you own money and must payment immediately. Way the fish. This moneylender is the worst I seen so far and I don't suggest you people to take loan from them.

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