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MLSG rating: 4.3 / 5 (49 reviews)
2 Jurong East Street 21, #04-01A IMM Building, Singapore 609601
+65 6899 6188
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Mon - Fri: 11AM - 8PM, Sat - Sun: 12PM - 5PM

Quick Credit Pte Ltd wants to help make your dreams come true. Established in 2002, the company understands that for a lot of people, fulfilling their plans and desires require having cash at the ready. And they are prepared to lend a hand with that.   The company, formerly known as Reliahome Associates, is one of Singapore's best licensed moneylenders. Their numerous clients are a testament to their experience, reliability, and understanding of what borrowers need.   Whether it's to fund your dream wedding or go on a family vacation, you can easily secure a loan from Quick Credit. True to their name, processing is quick and hassle-free.  

Company Vision and Mission:

  Integrity, adaptability, and convenience. That's what Quick Credit Pte Ltd stands for. The company understands that those values are what will set them apart from their competitors, and they strive to embody it everyday.   Quick Credit strictly complies with the law of the land and the rules of the business. They take great pride in ensuring that every loan is handled efficiently and professionally. After all, it is through this that trust is built.   The company understands that each borrower is unique. Their reasons are their own and Quick Credit's loans are designed to adapt to the borrower's needs. Loan applications have also been designed to be quick and convenient. A team of experts work tirelessly to make sure that this vision is always realized.  

Products and Services:

  Quick Credit Pte Ltd are committed to meeting their client's individual needs. To that end, the company offers four types of financial solutions – Bridging Loan, Foreigner Loan, Payday Loan, and Personal Loan.   Bridging Loan is a short-term financial assistance. If you want to secure a new home or property but do not have enough cash on hand, this loan is for you. Clients use this as a stop-gap measure while they wait for their previous home or property to be sold.   Foreigner Loan is designed to help expatriates living in Singapore. Quick Credit understands that living and working in a foreign country presents unique challenges. This loan can provide you with much needed support to face whatever challenges lie ahead.   Payday Loans are financial assistance given to employees who find themselves short on cash weeks away from their next pay check.     A Personal Loan is the perfect solution to a private dilemma. Maybe you need to pay your tuition immediately or repair something in your home. Instead of stressing out over it, Quick Credit will lend you the funds you need to settle these unexpected expenses.  

Last updated on: February 20, 2018

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Quick Credit Pte Ltd
Average rating:  
 49 reviews
by Mary Jane on Quick Credit Pte Ltd
thanks so much mdm and sir

Quick Credit helped me settle all of my medical bills. Thank you Quick Credit!

by Gina on Quick Credit Pte Ltd

This place is amazing! They are so detailed in explaining the loan contract that even told me what is the best way for me, and I totally agree with them. The service was superb!

by Jasper on Quick Credit Pte Ltd
Great first experience

My first time going to a moneylender. Quite glad to have found Quick Credit. No hassle and got the cash pretty quickly.

by Desmond Yeo on Quick Credit Pte Ltd
Moneylender with a heart

The past one year has been a great stress to me and Quick Credit has never failed to give me support and encouragement. Now that I have climbed over the tall wall words can't explain my gratitude to all of you at Quick Credit. Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year.

by Chua on Quick Credit Pte Ltd
Good moneylender

Very nice moneylender, established since 2002. Been in the same location for many years already, never change office or change name like other moneylenders whom thought they can shake away their poor reputation with a new name. Can negotiate when you are late but not too late. No vulgarities used. Advises you to borrow what you can take and not more. Recommended.

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