Resource Credit Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 172/2016
MLSG rating: 3.7 (10 reviews)
Address: 35 Selegie Road, #02-14 Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Phone: +65 6336 5855

Last updated on: December 20, 2017

LICENSE REVOKED! Resource Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender with IPTO, Ministry of Law, Republic of Singapore, since 2010. Resource Credit’s philosophy in the industry is to offer a lending Hand in need, all loan cases by lending the listening ears to the clients first – to understand their needs, then packaging a loan that will suit into their lifestyle.

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Resource Credit Pte Ltd
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Jours on Resource Credit Pte Ltd

Long waits and terrible staff.

by TMZ on Resource Credit Pte Ltd
Thumbs up

Thank you for helping me out patiently and listening to my needs. I appreciate Resource Credit for helping me with my medical expenses.

by Eileen Quek on Resource Credit Pte Ltd
Friendly staff

At such difficult times I am in need of cash due to my son's educational fees overseas. The staff is very patient and took time to listen to my needs. Really grateful and thankful.

by Charlotte on Resource Credit Pte Ltd
Great service

Took up a loan the previous month, have already cleared the loan. I have been very impressed by their professionalism of explaining repayments and even following up on the collection. Will definitely recommend Resource Credit to anyone who needs a loan.

by Lynn on Resource Credit Pte Ltd

Very professional and patient. Had many enquiries and the staff that served me was very patient in answering my questions and helped me sort out my documents. Overall a great experience!

by Min on Resource Credit Pte Ltd
Good service

Very friendly, good service! Listened to my needs and helped me accordingly. Thank you for helping me in my crisis period!

by Jasmine on Resource Credit Pte Ltd

I was worried about the reviews I saw. The staff here is very soft, friendly and helpful. I will recommend this place to others!

by Heaven on Resource Credit Pte Ltd
Bad service

This is ridiculous, the debt collector is really not giving people ample time. Almost every moneylender they didnt state the late charge fee how much in the contract. If bring it to government there is no proof. All interest will go into their own pocket.

by angely tan on Resource Credit Pte Ltd

Collector richard very rude late for 2days call up and scold people backwards incrude scold people family play gangster talk rude asking people not happy call gang down one to one fight yet dare to call and scold people when time people play back say a location but dun dare to go only call runner to go can people shout but dun dare to go people put place for him this kind of collector managment of this company please sack this richard

by angry cust on Resource Credit Pte Ltd

bad service and rude.especially the lady no smile at all..