S.E. Investment Moneylender Reviews

Licence No: 150/2016
MLSG rating: 1.9 (17 reviews)
Address: 135 Jurong Gateway Road #01-335, Singapore 600135
Phone: +65 6222 5855

Last updated on: June 9, 2014

S.E. Investment Pte Ltd (FKA: S.E. Automobile Investment Pte Ltd) is a money lending company that provides legal financial assistance that offers the following types of loans to appease the difficulties of sudden emergencies that involve unforeseen and unplanned expenses: personal loans, business loans, foreigner loans.

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S.E. Investment
Average rating:  
 17 reviews
by Pal on S.E. Investment

I called the debt collector to say that I might not be able to make payment on time and asked for one or two days grace period and he said OK. Good service.

by SS on S.E. Investment

I called the debt collector to say that I might not be able to make payment on time and asked for one or two days grace period and he said okay. On the very next day, an unknown number called saying that he was from S.E. Investment and told me that my payment was due and wanted me to make payment immediately. I told him I can't make payment and.he said, "I don't care where you find the money. Make sure my money is in by today." I was so afraid because he acted like an "Ah Long". This is not professional. The ladies who work there as well don't look professional. This will be my last loan from them.

by Soon on S.E. Investment

Bad service.

by Noor Sabrina on S.E. Investment
Fast loan approval

Fast loan approval within 40 minutes and the reminder calls are polite. Highly recommended!

by Chang on S.E. Investment
Not very good

Service is quite bad.

by TC on S.E. Investment
Good service

A very pleasant experience overall, fast loan approval. Friendly staff that explained everything clearly.

by K C Lee on S.E. Investment
Worst moneylender ever

Like what some the other guys mentioned, very bad attitude and will ask for your personal relatives number as well as your immediate superior and insist that you call them in order for them to verify their existence. Also, very inflexible when it comes to repayment. No negotiation for late payments even if you are willing to bear the interest cost.

by Tom on S.E. Investment

When I came to make payment they looked down on us.

by Donny on S.E. Investment
Worst Moneylender

I guess by far this is the worst moneylender uses skimpily clad girls to do business. Just beware they will asked you to call your manager take the phone number and also the hand phone number (wife, brother, uncle) you put on the loan application form someone will call them and asked whether they want to take loan even you they will call this is the doing of SE Investment. What you can do is tell your friends or family to make a report at the police post if they are being harassed by people calling them up to take loans. I was harassed after taking the loan from them including my wife and friends then I made a report likewise all my friends and my wife did and the calls stoped. Remember the personal data protection act use it against them. I paid up all my loans already. The girls there look like Geylang girls so much make up show so much skin aiyoh maybe all come from Geylang work there. No proper dress code. Some people here write reviews saying it's good are actually their own staff. You will know what I mean when you take a loan they will asked you so many questions and asked you to make calls to your manager and friends. Sleazy company!

by SY on S.E. Investment
Worst of the worst

Don't deserve any simgle star please. Worst of all the money lenders I have encountered. I was 1 day late and prepared to pay late fees but the collector, Josh, called me and threatened my life. Loan sharks? How did they even get their licence? Why is IPTO not doing anything about them. I made a complain to the Ministry of Law, but they simply said "report them to police."

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2 Replies to “S.E. Investment Moneylender Reviews”

  • Never ever take any loans from them! They charge higher than their supposed to by the law. They work more like loan sharks! They work with another legal moneylender (ip credit)! If you were to ever pay them late or ask for any form of leniency, they’ll threaten and talk very rudely over the phone. This company shoule be investigated for suspicion of illigal activities!!! Borrow at your own risk!

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