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Licence No: 145/2017
MLSG rating: 4.5 (35 reviews)
Address: 470 North Bridge Road, #02-01 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735
Phone: +65 6694 6166
Working Hours: Mon - Fri: 11am to 8pm, Sat - Sun: 12pm - 4pm

Last updated on: July 9, 2018

Originally known as Yong Seng Credit, the Singapore money lender was established in 1992. It soon gained a reputation for its excellent service, honesty and integrity. The company has been around for more that two decades, and each year brought with it increasing success, wealth, and the knowledge to understand the needs and concerns of people.

Singa Credit knows that everyone, at one point in their lives, will need to secure a substantial amount of funds on short notice. Finding a lender in this circumstance can be challenging, as one needs money fast and with a payment plan that’s affordable and fair. Singa Credit can give both.

The company understands that no two loans are the same, just like no two lenders are alike. So every loan they offer is customized specifically to the client’s needs, ensuring that each one will receive the right financial assistance.

Company Vision and Mission

Singa Credit PTE LTD has, and will always, aim to provide the best financial support their client needs. The number of satisfied customers that continue to use the company’s services are a clear sign of trust and satisfaction.

As the money lender with the most authority in Singapore, Singa Credit is knowledgeable in market trends, the ups and downs of the business, and all the legal procedures pertaining to money lending options. This has enabled the company to offer original and solid solutions, thereby providing customers loan options that are flexible and with a fast turnaround. Customers are always assured of a loan solution that’s not only affordable and manageable, but one that’s also quickly approved and released, sometimes even within the hour.

Products and Services

Singa Credit offers three key services – Personal loans, Payday Loans, Bridging Loans, and Foreigner Loans.

Personal Loans are designed for people who are in urgent need of cash. Maybe you finally decided to purchase that laptop or are in the middle of a health crisis. A personal or payday loan will help you survive until you get your next salary.

For people who need financial fluidity, bridge loans are what you need. You can use this loan to finance the down payment, renovation or move to a new property while you’re still waiting for the proceeds from the sale of a current property.

Expatriates need financial help too, and Singa Credit provides assistance with their Foreigner Loans. This loan can be a big help for those new to the country or who need extra cash to assist them or their family in settling in. Employment and a local address is needed for this loan.

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Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Average rating:  
 35 reviews
by Jokim on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Worst Moneylender

On the phone they told me my was approved for $3,000. I went down there and waited for 1 hour. They asked a lot of questions and ended only giving me $500. I didn't ave any loans with any other moneylenders but the way they questioned me was as if they thought I was a criminal.

by Ron on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Excellent service

Excellent service and hassle free.

by Heng on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Professional people

Highly recommend to anyone who needs a short term loan, great people, great help!

by Thirumurugan on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Best service

Mr. Julian from Singa Credit has helped me at right time with a low rate of interest. Best and affordable rates in Singapore. Very fast turnaround on approval. Many thanks.

by Steven on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Very helpful staff

I was really appreciative and impressed by how the staff who served me. They actually made an effort to understand my financial problems and tried to help me out. I didn't have such an experience with any other moneylenders I visited. I recommend Singa to anyone who needs a loan. Thank you!

by Mindy on Singa Credit Pte Ltd

Singa credit is flexible and fair. Last week I took a $1000 loan with them and I made the payment after 5 days, I was told that just need to make $1000 for my payment. I was surprised that I no need to pay for the interest as my previous experience with other moneylender, they will charge the full interest no matter how early you make the payment. Besides that, their staff are very polite, I strongly suggest Singa for those who need help!

by Juliana on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Great and courteous staff

Last week I took a payday loan for $2000 with Singa Credit. I got approved and the loan was processed within 35 mins. It was really simple and the staff was very courteous explaining the terms and conditions of the loan. I never knew of such services until my friend recommended me this company. It's a good quick way to independently solve your financial issue instead of asking friends and family for a loan. Thank you Robert for your help!

by Helen on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Highly Recommended

I took a $1000 payday loan with William from Singa Credit. He was patient in explaining to me the loan terms. Good experience while I was there, he answered all my doubts and a lot of my questions. I went in the afternoon so not many people. I am happy I can get the cash to help me tide for awhile.

by Mr Rashid on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Payday loan

Just taken the loan today. I speak to Nat and surprisingly she is nice and friendly. Everything were in black and white. No hidden charges! All explanations are clear and very professional manner. I feel very comfortable talking to Nat, the young pretty lady. Besides that she's willing to share her pas experienced while she was on job. wWll done and keep it up the good service Nat. Hats off to you.

by Benben on Singa Credit Pte Ltd
Thank you

I'm very impressed with the service Singa Credit provided me. I was very scared at first to take a loan from a moneylender due to the stories I've read and heard. However, I had no choice as I had an urgent issue to settle. So I read the reviews here and went down. The staff was really sincere in trying to help me solve my payment issue. She calculated for me and told me I can actually take a lower amount than what I requested for. There was no hard selling and I didn't feel pressurized at all. It was a safe transaction and I'm very sure I can pay without any issues. I really recommend Singa Credit if you're looking for a moneylender that is not pushy.

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