Singapore Moneylenders Reviews and Loan Comparison

The number one Moneylender directory in Singapore,, specializes in publishing user reviews for money lending companies and comparisons of personal loan packages. The Singapore Moneylender’s Directory receives over 25,000 visits per month from those interested in reading first-hand opinions about Singaporean loan providers.

The directory provides comparison of loan offers of several money lending providers and shows different monthly repayment options for similar loan amounts from different lenders. In this way, our site attempts to help consumers to make the best choice when borrowing.

“There are many money lending companies in Singapore and only few of them offer straightforward information about the total cost the user should pay. We have researched more than 160 active loan providers and less than 10% of them actually have an offer on their website.”, says Christine Mills, managing director.

The increase of visitors to the site with is likely due to the large number of moneylenders in Singapore and the fact that people are not sure if they are dealing with a legal loan company or a fake. This one of many reasons why visitors want to read borrowers’ reviews. In addition, the directory lists the license number of every lender, every lender’s office address and a list of every licensed moneylender in Singapore published quarterly by the Singapore government.

The Singapore Moneylender’s Directory also announced that it welcomes not only borrowers but also lending companies to the site. Moneylenders can offer official replies to reviews and borrowers can post their experience with a particular loan company. Moneylenders are also welcome to submit their loan packages to the site.

4 Replies to “Singapore Moneylenders Reviews and Loan Comparison”

  • Moneylenders play a very important role since there are individuals who are having troubles with their finances. However, it is also vital to determine if the company is legitimate enough to process your transaction.

  • Money lenders is important in Singapore as it’s provide fast cash loan to people who are in need!

  • I justed went to GT credit for a loan,the girls in the office explain everything in polite and clear way,their service is good & interest rate is low,justed 15min,they borrow what the amount i wanted,don’t asked stupid question.I will give them Good Excellent comment.

  • Loans in Singapore are important because of the high cost of living today in Singapore makes our lives miserable. Get legally licensed money lender, approved by IPTO (Registry of Moneylenders).