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MLSG rating: 4.3 / 5 (40 reviews)
1 Sophia Road, #01-37 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
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Swift Credit is one of the most trusted money lending companies in Singapore. Ever since it was founded in 2009, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Aside from quickly becoming renowned as a professional moneylender, Swift Credit also secured a license with the Registry of Moneylenders. Swift Credit is committed to providing fast cash loans to residents, PR holders, and expatriates with valid Foreigner employment passes. Their dedicated, professional, and friendly staff are committed to meet all inquiries and provide clients same day approval of loans. The company aims to help people and businesses secure the funds they need for business, lifestyle, or personal reasons and have designed a number of services to meet those needs. At the moment, Swift Credit offers Personal Loans, Pay Day Loans, Foreigner Loans, and Business Loans.

Company Vision and Mission

  Swift Credit believes in providing customers with convenient, hassle-free loans under a fast approval process.   The company is committed to their mission to provide high-quality services and have a solid team of loan experts to assist in this endeavor. These specialists are always on hand to give advice and help put together loan packages that fits each client's specific needs and requirements. Swift Credit is also committed to protecting their client's privacy as well. Customers can rest easy knowing that their personal data remain confidential and are kept safe and secure.  

Products and Services

 Living and working in another country is a big adjustment, and sometimes it could lead to financial issues. Swift Credit's Foreigner Loans offers non-residents a quick and practical solution to financial emergencies like tuition fees or unexpected hospital bills. This loan is very popular among expats, thanks to its competitive rates and simple application process. Expanding your business might require you to put up money to hire more staff, purchase additional equipment or pay for a new license. Getting a Business Loan from Swift Credit is easier than securing one from a traditional lending establishment. Swift Credit is offering Payday loans and Personal Loans to those that need additional funds for lifestyle and personal reasons. These two loans can be used for a variety of reasons, like a medical emergency, special events like a wedding, a special vacation, or for home renovations. Whatever the reason, Swift Credit is more than happy to help you.

Last updated on: February 20, 2018

Client Reviews

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Swift Credit
Average rating:  
 40 reviews
by Chong Liang on Swift Credit

At first the attitude was good, after a few re-loans, I would advise not to borrow again. The interest becomes quite high.

by Hanafi on Swift Credit
Awesome team

They are very professional group of people. If you are having doubts, ask them anything. Look for Eddie, he's the best!

by Ann on Swift Credit
Great Service

Swift Credit is very professional in their service, I'm very satisfied with it. High recommended!

by TL on Swift Credit
Best of the best

Reasonable and friendly, monthly loan with great services.

by Felix on Swift Credit
Look down on people

Waited one hour ended up said loan 300 and is weekly, wasted my time.

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