As Singapore’s number one directory and ratings site of legal moneylenders in Singapore, we receive many reports (both good and bad) about the conduct of lenders in Singapore. Before taking up a loan, borrowers should ensure that they understand their legal rights as well as the current rules and regulations that licensed moneylenders must follow. Continue reading “Warning to all borrowers in Singapore: Ensure that your lender is acting ethically and legally!”

UPDATE: We now have new a live listing of current loan offers from legally licensed moneylenders in Singapore.

Each month the Moneylender’s Directory of Singapore receives hundreds of inquiries requesting information about actual borrowing costs and if monthly repayments would be possible. As a followup to our article detailing the maximum allowable fees and interests under current government regulations and as a service to our visitors we asked a few of our directory members to publish example loan offers. Continue reading “Detailed loan offers from four legally licensed moneylenders in Singapore”